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Current activities:


Canto da Maya - Long term exhibit with over 30 works from the reknowned azorean sculptor. At the Santa Bárbara Center

Sacred Art exhibit - Permanent religious art exhibit at Igreja do Colégio. Features catalog in english, audioguides in english, french and spanish

Natural History and Convent Memory - permanent exhibits at the Santo André center, featuring english texts.

Francisco Afonso Chaves (1856-1927) - The Paradoxical Image - Temporary exhibit featuring the pioneering 3D photographic work of naturalist scientist Francisco Afonso Chaves. At the Santa Bárbara Center until Sept 3rd. Features texts in both portuguese and english

Duarte Maia. A fine painter - Temporary exhibit dedicated to the artist Duarte Maia. Features texts in both portuguese and english. At the Sacred Art Center until Sept 3rd.

The Azorean Bank - Temporary exhibit about the regional bank, from its creation until the early 21st century. Room text paper in both portuguese and english. At the Sacred Art Center until Sept 30th

Exodus Stations - Temporary exhibit / instalation - Featuring works from David Casini, Benoît Maire and Marco Pires. Curatorship by Marta Jecu. At the Santo André Center until Sept 3rd

Naturalis Historiae - When was a crocodile first seen in the Azores? - Temporary exhibit featuring works from João Paulo Serafim. At the Santo André Center until Sept 3rd


Museum's opening hours

Summer (April 1st - September 30th)
Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM - 6 PM (last entry at 5.30 PM)
Closes on Mondays

Winter (October 1st - March 30th)
Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (last entry at 5 PM)
Closes on Mondays

The Santa Bárbara and Sacred Art Centers close from 1 to 2 PM (last entry at 12:30)



History of the museum

The Museu Açoreano (Azorean Museum) created by Dr. Carlos Machado in 1876, opened its doors on June 10th, 1888, located at the Liceu Nacional de Ponta Delgada.

Throughout the years, the Museum’s collections were enriched by new donations and acquisitions, growing larger in number but also on diversity. To the founding collection – Natural History – there were later additions such as African ethnography (1893), Art (1912) and, in the 1930’s, Regional ethnography, much due to the prolific cultural activities of that time, focused on studying the islands’ own identity traits.

With the acquisition of the Saint Andrew convent in 1930 came the opportunity to gather in the same building all the collections of the Carlos Machado Museum, by then already named after its founding father. In 2006, the Sacred Art collection was moved to the Jesuit college church nearby, where it is shown as part of a permanent exhibit. In 2010, the Museum opened a third center, Santa Bárbara, just south of Saint Andrew convent, where temporary exhibits are held.

Santo André center is opened to the public and offers Natural History and Convent Memory exhibitions.


The Museum’s mission

It is the Carlos Machado Museum´s mission to study and preserve heritage and through it unveil and promote Azorean culture and Azorean identities, focusing on educational activities aimed at several publics. It is a place of inclusion, where identities are expressed and diversity is promoted, where ideas are put forward and generations meet, where citizenship is developed and past and present are united.



The permanent exhibit of sacred art, at Church’s College, features audio-guides in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese



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