EIXO Program - Audiences with specific needs

EIXO (axis) is the foundation when building a house. This program is, in essence, the column of the Educational Service of the Carlos Machado Museum, a museum that values inclusiveness, of all and for all.

Diversity means different experiences of the world around us. In a Museum, this reality is notorious, since in its physical space, some people might have difficulties, either for physical or mental and cognitive reasons, to enjoy what the Museum has to offer in its fullness.

This project arises to make the museum the most inclusive possible through the Educational Service.

These actions take shape through visits guided by a member of the Educational Service to the various exhibitions that the museum presents, using mediation techniques and objects that meet the needs of the public; workshops that explore the Museum's collections; conversation sessions, debates, encouraging new perspectives on the museum's collections.

Within the scope of the EIXO program, we develop activities according to the needs of our audiences. Therefore, we ask interested entities to contact the Educational Service in order to prepare an appropriate visit to the specificities of each group.