Mobile Museum

The Mobile Museum was created in 2008. This project aims to share the collection of the Carlos Machado Museum with the furthest populations. Throughout the year, various cultural activities have been carried out, which contribute to affirming the Museum as an Inclusive and Territory Museum, not restricted to the city where it is located, but extended to the entire island.

The project De Fenais a Fenais reflects the desire expressed by the Carlos Machado Museum, as a territory museum, to encourage a close relationship between heritage and the arts and other fields of knowledge: social, educational, economic and environmental, as well as valuing cultural and artistic diversity as a fundamental element of the different territorial, rural and coastal identities, making them coexist in promoting social inclusion and local development.

The Fenais a Fenais project is being implemented and developed between 2019 and 2022, in a geographical space considered by the Government of the Azores as of priority intervention in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, covering the parishes of Fenais da Luz, Rabo de Peixe, Maia and Fenais da Ajuda, located in the north of the island of São Miguel, archipelago of the Azores, with demographic, social, cultural, economic and environmental characteristics predominantly rural and coastal. Fenais a Fenais aims to jointly build a project, in different rural and coastal territories on the island of S. Miguel, which has heritage and the arts as a matrix of local development, reinforcing, on the one hand, local identification processes, defense and safeguarding of intangible and tangible heritage, and on the other hand, recognize the role of creativity and innovation, through local arts and crafts, in triggering new paths that simultaneously have cultural significance, economic value, environmental reach, expression of healthy living and social impact in improving the conditions of global well-being of populations and in creating a differentiated territorial competitiveness that promotes social and territorial cohesion.