The Carlos Machado Museum's mission is to study and preserve our heritage and, through it, to promote and share the Azorean culture and identity, prioritizing a set of pedagogical activities for different audiences.


Since the Museum is a place of confluences and conviviality, it promotes learning and knowledge, by opening up dialogues and confronting ideas, thus providing creativity. The Museum must assume itself as a space for involvement and active citizenship, as a public service.


The Museum, being a place for everyone, should promote the inclusion of people and cultures.


Manifesto of the Carlos Machado Museum:

The Museum is a place for all

The Museum expresses identity and fosters diversity

The Museum preserves our heritage

The Museum promotes learning and knowledge

The Museum fights the exclusion of people and cultures

The Museum takes on the past and contemporaneity

The Museum brings together generations

The Museum is a place for opening dialogues and confronting ideas

The Museum refreshes mentalities and provides creativity

The Museum is a space for involvement and citizenship

The Museum is a public service