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Footprints are Bridges

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Sacred Art Circuit

The Sacred Art circuit focuses on the old College Church, where the lush façade, the resplendence of the altarpiece of the main altar, as well as the collection of 17th century tiles are assumed as a whole, in a unique monument of Baroque style. To this is added a gallery with a diversified collection where pieces from the 16th century stand out, as well as a valuable collection of works with a religious theme.

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"In Pelágica, these (positive) relations are assumed to be a form of collective (bio)intelligence. Mané Pacheco prevents extraction, showing the nature that pre-exists it and offering hope in a prophylactic formula that serves as a barrier to destruction". _  Ana Cristina Cachola


This project is a commission of the Walk & Talk - Arts Festival and was presented as part of its 10th Edition, in partnership with the Carlos Machado Museum. 

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Canto da Maya

The long-term exhibition presents the life and artistic production of one of the greatest figures of Azorean and national sculpture in the first half of the 20th century. This exhibition is divided into thematic groups that expose his genesis, training, international acclaim, as well as his role in monuments design.

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Convent Memory Circuit

This tour presents the architectural characteristics of past convent buildings, but also the diversity of spaces, their dynamics and purposes, as well as exploring the way of life of the Poor Clares belonging to the female branch of the Order of Friars Minor, founded by Saint Francis of Assisi.

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Santos da Casa Fazem Milagres

O que fazem os Guardiães da memória quando os crentes regressam a casa? O que escutam quando o silêncio regressa? O que veem quando a luz se apaga e os Santos observam do altar? O que fazem os guardiães da memória quando as portas se fecham, as janelas de cobrem, as chaves rodam em fechaduras por onde as crianças espreitam? O que fazem os Guardiães da memória quando as preces e pedidos precisam (também eles) de encontrar quem os escute e os atenda? O que fazem todos aqueles que zelam por estátuas de madeira, por bancos feitos à medida, por estuques e cortinas de veludo?


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Report in the newspaper AÇORIANO ORIENTAL

The Carlos Machado Museum presents the exhibition "Life, Ways of Using - Essay on donations from the last 10 years"

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SIC report on the exhibition "Life, Ways of Using"

New exhibition consists of objects donated to the Museum over the last decade.

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Report in the AÇORES HOJE program about the exhibition "Life, Ways of Using"

The Sacred Art Center of the Carlos Machado Museum holds the exhibition “Life, Ways of Using - Essay on donations from the last 10 years”.

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Report by RTP AÇORES

Visit the exhibition «Life, Ways of Using _ Essay on donations from the last 10 years» by Luísa Cardoso.

The exhibition will be open until the end of the year at the Sacred Art Center, former Igreja do Colégio, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

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INTER-ILHAS Program Interview

«It is a full exhibition because it is born from a full gesture that overflows, which is the gift».

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Report by CORREIO DA MANHÃ Canada

«Dr. Luísa intended to honor everything that goes on inside the home and the people who offered these pieces».

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Report by CORREIO DA MANHÃ Canada on the Sacred Art Center

Jesuit's College Church and Sacred Art Center of the Carlos Machado Museum in the Azores.

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Açoriano Oriental newspaper report | edition 10.05.2020

Carlos Machado Museum presents a new image.

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SIC Report _ Edition of 10.08.2020 | World Sight Day

World Sight Day, or internationally known as WSD (World Sight Day) - has been celebrated since the year 2000, every second Thursday of October. This date was created to draw the public's attention on the prevention of visual impairment and to raise public awareness on this topic.

Reportagem RTP Açores

Reportagem RTP Açores _ Inauguração exposição "As Pegadas São Pontes"

Reportagem SIC Notícias - Dia Internacional dos Museus

Reportagem RTP Açores - Dia Internacional dos Museus

The Carlos Machado Museum, in Ponta Delgada, marked the International Day of Museums with the inauguration of a video installation entitled 'Sacred Art under a futuristic perspective'.

The work was developed by a 12th-year Visual Arts class at the Antero de Quental Secondary School.

Reportagem Correio dos Açores_ 18 de maio de 2021

On the International Museum Day: «The Museum is a rich place as a cultural space that has the obligation to be a guardian of heritage…» and «Construction work to house the Museum's collections is being held thinking about the future».

Reportagem Correio dos Açores _ 14 de maio

The Carlos Machado Museum celebrates, on May 18th, the International Day of Museums with a visit to the exhibition “Footprints are Bridges”, by André Almeida e Sousa, and with the presentation of the video-installation “Sacred Art under a futuristic perspective ”, developed by the 12th-E Visual Arts class at the Antero de Quental Secondary School, Ponta Delgada, within the “Museum and School” project.


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