The Carlos Machado Museum is positioned as an inclusive space, a place of confluences, conviviality, critical thinking and practices that allow reflection on the environment that surrounds it. In this sense, the Museum establishes projects with institutions not only in its territory, but also in others, expanding its perspective of decentralizing its knowledge, strengthening its educational role and fostering the relationship between the museum and the public.

Museum and School

Within this project, a Representative Teacher of the Museum at School is appointed, who acts as the link between the two institutions, thus allowing the activities to be carried out at the Museum to be more effective and the school community to easily create projects in partnership with the Museum.

From Fenais to Fenais

The project De Fenais a Fenais reflects the Carlos Machado Museum purpose, as a territory museum, to encourage a close relationship between our Heritage and the local population.

Its field of action is four parishes on the north coast of the island of São Miguel (Fenais da Luz, Rabo de Peixe, Maia and Fenais da Ajuda) in a project that assumes Heritage and the Arts as the matrix of local development. On the one hand, it encourages the study and dissemination of the unique local heritage of each parish. On the other it recognizes the role of activity and innovation in triggering new paths that simultaneously have cultural significance, economic value, environmental reach and social impact in improving conditions of well-being of populations and the creation of territorial competitiveness that promotes social cohesion.

Over the next few months, we will share the work that the project has been developing, through the Carlos Machado Museum's Intangible Cultural Heritage and Educational Service teams, in these four parishes.