The Carlos Machado Museum has established several partnerships with various institutions, such as the National Museum of Natural History and Science; the Arquipélago Center for Contemporary Arts; Cresaçor; Azores Alzheimer's Association; Elementary and High Schools on the island of São Miguel; ATL (Free Time Activities) and other leisure organizations; Daycare centers; Town Halls, Parish Councils and Community Centers; Other heritage institutions, such as the Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada and EXPOLAB; Other entities of artistic involvement such as Walk & Talk; Tourist agents with cultural promotion; Gorreana Tea Plantation and other local producers.


In 2019, the Carlos Machado Museum formed a partnership with GEPAC - Secretary of State for Culture, in order to enhance the project “From Fenais to Fenais: Cultural Program of Local Development”, as well as with ISCTE, for the same purpose. In 2020, it is intended to continue the ongoing tasks under this project. In the same way, in 2020 and through its activities in direct connection with local communities, the Museum intends to continue to embody the DRaC / ANAFRE protocol.