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Sun watch

Sundials measure the passage of time by observing the position of the shadow of a pointer when moving this star. This garden model belonged to Solar do Botelho, the former summer residence of the Count of Fonte Bela family. It consists of a square-shaped dial where lines are marked, forming a circumference, and Roman numerals indicating the hours. It also has a fixed plate, whose shadow projected on the dial acts as a pointer. As the position of the sun varies, the shadow of the plate (fixed pointer) moves across the surface of the dial, passing successively through the lines that indicate the hours. 12.06.2020 [SFS]

foto da peça do mês
  • Name
  • Sun watch
  • Date
  • 1851 – 1900
  • Materials
  • Limestone and bronze
  • Dimensions
  • H 21.5 x L 32.7 x W 32.7 cmcm
  • Provenance
  • Solar do Botelho, Livramento
  • Inventory No.
  • MCM2426