Convent Memory Circuit


Santo André Center

This tour presents the architectural characteristics of past convent buildings, but also the diversity of spaces, their dynamics and purposes, as well as exploring the way of life of the Poor Clares belonging to the female branch of the Order of Friars Minor, founded by Saint Francis of Assisi.

Visitors are invited to tour the convent, and its places of religious experiences such as the parliaments, the low choir, the high choir, and others, where you will find pieces and objects used by the Poor Clares, as well as others related to the convent daily life.


  • Execution
  • Museu Carlos Machado

  • Director
  • Duarte Manuel Espirito Santo Melo

  • Scientific Program
  • Silvia Massa

  • Coordination
  • Silvia Massa, Francisco Pimentel

  • Museographic Project
  • Francisco Pimentel

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