Domingos Rebêlo


Santa Bárbara Center
The exhibition is a tribute to the painter Domingos Rebêlo as a central figure in the Azorean artistic panorama of the 20th century.

On the 45th anniversary of Domingos Rebêlo's death (Ponta Delgada, 1891 - Lisbon, 1975), the Carlos Machado Museum pays tribute to this central figure in the Azorean artistic panorama of the twentieth century, inaugurating a room for the exhibition of the core works of Domingos Rebêlo existing in the Museum’s collection and private collections of Luís Rebêlo and Pedro Rebêlo on deposit at the museum, with the purpose of disseminating the globality of the multifaceted creation of the artist from São Miguel.

Other Highlights

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Pelágica relates to the recent classification of the Azorean archipelago as a Hope Spot.
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Exhibition with 25 works of the artist André Almeida e Sousa, created between 2012 and 2020, with the curatorship of João Silvério.
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Canto da Maya

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