Footprints are Bridges


Sacred Art Center
17.04 - 22.08

An itinerary of transfigurations


André Almeida e Sousa has developed his work creating paintings, drawings and objects in a variety of forms, compositions and very diverse relationships. The drawings, on modular panels of considerable size and detail, or on medium-sized sheets, move between the transparency of plans and a sedimented and deep density that is revealed through an introspective and coded expression that resides in a permanent question that the artist asks himself. The title of the exhibition is one of the possible ways to answer this question and presents itself as an aphorism, a fragment of his thought, which adds praxis to the feeling and the path of his imaginary, austere but profoundly transformative. This imagery based on a temporal intuition is guided by an itinerary, like a movement that marks a poetic, systematic drive, related to a monologue that is not absent from listening to the maelstrom of the images that surround it. In this sense, Almeida e Sousa's work is, in essence, a mediation and simultaneously a transfiguration that occurs through painting, drawing and sculpture, but never a final and finished result.

This whole process finds in the pictorial matter a very contained field of possibilities, as a work of art that challenges us and places us in a permanent search, because it is formed by overlaps, by the hidden and by the unveiled.


João Silvério


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